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The best insulation on the market with Thermal Conductivity λD = 0,022 W/mK.

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Insulation of roofs, walls & floors.

Stiferite develops solutions for thermal insulation in the building & industrial sector based on the use of polyurethane foam of the polyiso type (PIR). Stiferite’s panels differ in shape, facing & performance in order to better answer the needs for thermal insulation of roofs, walls & floors.

Stiferite’s insulation panels obtains significantly better performance in:

  • mechanical & dimensional stability,
  • sound-proofing,
  • fire rating.
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Insulation Comparision Chart

Type of Insulation Thermal Conductivity at 10˚C (W/mK)* Sound Attenuation (dB)**
Stiferite GT 0,022 54
Stiferite RP 0,023 52
Stiferite SK 0,028 52
Stiferite B 0,028 40
Stiferene E300 - XPS 0,032 -
Glasswool 0,035 -
Rockwool 0,032 - 0,044 -
EPS 0,034 – 0,038 -
*Thermal Conductivity (λ): is a value that indicates how well a material conducts heat. It indicates the quantity of heat (W), which is conducted through 1 m² wall, in a thickness of 1 m. In practice λ is a numerical value expressed in terms of W/(mK). The lower the λ value, the better the insulation property of the material.
**Sound Attenuation: describes the reduction of sound level across the partition. The higher the dB value, the better the soundproofing property of the material.

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