GECOL Primer-M

GECOL Primer-M is a single-component water-based primer used to create bonding primers.

It is easy to use as it can be applied by brush or roller on the surface to be treated. It improves products’ technical performance as, on the one hand, it contributes to the bedding of covering mortars on smooth or non-porous surfaces (e.g. concrete) and on the other, it regulates the absorption of the surfaces and consequently controls possible water leaks.

It is extensively used in interiors and exteriors, on walls and ceilings.


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Areas of applications

Bond of adherence destined to prepare supports of concrete smooth and non absorbent, before applying mortars of coating based on cement, lime, plaster, etc.

It can be used interchangeably indoors and outdoors.

GECOL Primer-M Application

GECOL Primer-M

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