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ISOLGOMMA: Soundproofing Products

Extensive and complete range of products guaranteeing unique performances in soundproofing. Offering a variety of solutions for floor slab & wall acoustic insulation.

The GREI, and ROLL product ranges exploit the excellent properties of SBR & EPDM rubber, cutting-edge production processes and the company's know-how to satisfy any impact insulation requirements for all types of floors with floating screeds.

The MUSTWALL range is designed for walls - made up of recycled and/or regenerated raw materials, an ideal solution for acoustic performance with environmental protection.

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Floating Screed

A floating screed is the ideal solution for the impact sound insulation of any type of floor. This floor system is designed in order to obtain "mass" over the resilient layer which is acting as a "spring" to produce that mitigation effect.
This floor system very efficiently reduces sound waves and vibration produced by walking, speaking or other sources. This is thanks to the floor system transforming all vibration and sound into micro movements of the upper floating screed.

Under Ceramic Floor

The under tiles flooring insulation is used in the case of renovation, when the demolition of the screed is not possible, or to increase the performance of floors with floating screed, having a traditional ceramic tiling.
The resilient mat is glued on the screed or on the existing finishing and the final flooring is glued on to it.


Terraces located above the housing area, or internal balconies and flat roofs, are floors that must be isolated from impact noise.
A floating screed is the ideal solution - creating a floating mass of a screed and floor finish. These elements are located above the resilient layer which adds an elastic spring effect to the whole system.

Under Wall Strip

Treading noise, airborne noise and impact noise travels through the building's structures in the form of vibrations which then transform into noise in the rooms connected to the noise source. An efficient solution to block this indirect noise transmission is to separate the structures using anti-vibration elements.
One such solution is to insulate partition walls between the units and internal walls using underwall strips.
The underwall strips prevent airborne noise and vibrations travelling through walls from reaching the floor slab, and create an elastic joint at the lower edge of the wall, thereby improving the acoustic insulation of walls and the treading noise insulation on the lower floor.

Coated Wall

The coated wall is a solution designed for renovation purposes, as - with a limited increase in the wall thickness - it improves the acoustic performance of an existing wall so that it can fulfil local building parameters. It is also an optimal solution for new buildings, as the wall exploits the plasterboard technology applied to traditional heavy walls.
The Isolgomma solutions presented below fulfil several functions simultaneously, with the acoustic component predominating. Each solution, therefore, is designed to improve the floor's sound-insulating power and lower the treading noise level.

ISOLGOMMA: Solutions for acoustic insulation in building construction

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