GREI - for floating floors

Designed for acoustic insulation of floors, the Grei range includes products developed for constructing high-quality floor slabs guaranteeing excellent insulation performance.

The use of special EPDM rubber combined with a specific patented production process guarantees products with superior mechanical and acoustic properties, making them ideal for impact noise insulation on all types of floor slabs.

The extremely resistant yet flexible mat adapts perfectly to the underlying surface and - thanks to the self-adhesive joining edge - allows for joining the edges of the rolls without having to use adhesive tape. As a result, the product can be applied easily and precisely, in a much shorter time.


  • High acoustic insulation performance in reduced thickness
  • Quick, easy and precise laying
  • Resistant to dampness
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Floors slabs with floating screeds

Extra-thick screeds

Technological systems

Technical Characteristics Standard GREI
5 8
Nominal Thickness (mm) - 5 8
Rolls Dimensions (m) - 1.04x5
Dynamic stiffness - Dry application (MN/m3) UNI EN 29052-1 15 11
Impact sound pressure level attenuation (ΔLw) (dB) EN ISO 10140
EN ISO 717-2
23 24

GREI: Technical data sheet

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