GECOL Extra is highly resistant cement adhesive with extended open time developed for the installation of conventional ceramic tiles in interior flooring and wall coverings and exterior flooring and plinths.

It is also recommended for vitreous tiles in swimming pools and other underwater surfaces.

It is suitable for application on all large-format ceramic brick surfaces, although it is also extensively used on other surfaces such as cement, cement mortar, etc.

It can be used to work with thicknesses from 2mm to 15mm, thereby providing a solution for flatness problems on the surface and also guaranteeing that there is no vertical slip in the ceramic tiles to be installed.

It has a powerful wetting effect, which enables badly-installed tiles to be corrected.


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Areas of applications

Cementitious adhesive, suitable for the application of ceramic tiles with a water absorption rating of greater than 3%:

- Ceramic tiles. - Ceramic mosaic. - Terracotta. - Vitreous mosaic. - Natural and engineered stone. - Marble, granite, limestone, etc.

Suitable for application on interior floors and claddings and exterior flooring and skirting for domestic and commercial use including in areas subject to sudden temperature variations, on the following substrates:

- Cement rendering. - Cementitious flooring. - Cement blocks. - Large format ceramic brick. - Cellular concrete. - Substrates made of gypsum plaster, plaster, anhydrous plaster, perlite plaster and similar materials (after applying GECOL Primer-TP).

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