GECOL Cril is a coating in aqueous dispersion and coloured in mass for the decoration, renovation and waterproofing of interior and exterior facades, both in new construction and in the rehabilitation of old buildings.

Excellent covering power, it is a waterproof coating against rainwater, but permeable to water vapor and condensation produced inside the building.

Especially recommended as base leveller over GECOL Term in exterior thermal insulation system GECOL TERM (SATE/ETICS).


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Areas of applications

Plastics coating smooth, high adherence, for decoration and waterproofing of walls and ceilings in interiors and exteriors, both in new construction, as in rehabilitation of old buildings. Suitable for placement on:

- Traditional mortar. - Monolayer mortar. - Smooth concrete. - Plaster. - Paintings. - Synthetic coatings. - Plates of plaster laminate. - Insulation panels.

GECOL Cril Application
GECOL Cril Quality


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