GECOL G100 Flex

G100 Flex is an adhesive-gel monocomponent, deformable and high performance.

Hybrid technology (resin-cement), is especially recommended for surfaces subject to important thermal variations (radiant heating systems, exterior coatings, etc.) and compromised situations (overlays, heavy traffic, etc.).

“Thickness up to 15mm”

Adhesive-gel, with low emissions and variable rheology, made of resin-cement base, selected natural mineral aggregates and powder-binding structural fibres, which give it qualities for its application in Multisupports, Multiformats and Multiprestations.

When drying, its nominal structure does not produce shrinkage and the tixo-fluid texture allows applications, both vertical and horizontal.


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Areas of applications


- Cement rendering. - Cementitious flooring. - Precast or poured concrete on site. - Deformable plates of laminated plaster. - Concrete blocks. - Cementitious flexible waterproofing. - Plaster supports. - Cement and / or lime plasters. - Fibre cement plates. - Ceramic brick large format. - Pre-existing ceramic, terrazzo, mosaic and natural stone floor and wall tiles. - Substrates made of gypsum plaster, plaster, anhydrous plaster, perlite plaster and similar materials.


- With powder consolidating structural fibres. - Thixo-fluid consistencies. - Variable rheology. - No variation in structural volume after setting (no shrinkage). - Up to 15 mm thick. - High traffic, commercial, industrial and street furniture pavements. - Exterior cladding. - Ceramic overlay without applying an adhesion primer. - Heated and refrigerable floor and wall tiles. - Surfaces under immersion (swimming pools,fountains, spa, etc.).


- Natural and artificial reconstituted stones. - Marbles, granites, limestones, etc. - Porcelain stoneware. - Laminated stoneware. - Ceramic pieces without absorption. - Vitreous mosaic. - Large format ceramic tiles. - Cooked clay, clinker.

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GECOL G100 Flex

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